Tricolite Yellow

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TRICOLITE 201 process is a single component concentrated liquid passivation based upon Trivalent Chromium which provides a thick yellowish greenish red iridescent colour on zinc and zinc alloy platings which achieves excellent corrosion resistance, resembling the colour achieved by hexavalent chromium . This process is completely Free of Hexavalent Chromium and confirms to End-of-Life (ELV); RoHS and WEEE when following the recommended process sequence norms of the Europeon Union. The coatings with this process exceeds the requirements for yellow chromates according to DIN 50 021 SS standards

Operating Conditions
  • TRICOLITE 201 125 - 150 ml ./ ltr.
  • pH 1.8 - 2.0
  • Temperature 30oC - 70oC
  • Immersion Time 30 - 90 seconds
  • Solution Movement Mild Air / Mechanical Movement.