Anti Tarnish Coatings



SHEENEX AT 600 is a new generation Anti-Tarnish Additive for Copper, and its alloys. Copper and its alloys are extremely resistant to corrosion, but a superficial discolouring tarnish eventually forms with exposure to the atmosphere or handling. The appearance of these metals can be preserved by applying thin clear protective coating of PCI SHEENEX AT 600 to their surfaces which harden at room temperature or with baking. This coating is completely invisible and free from chromates and lacquers, thus electric conductivity of the component is not affected. PCI SHEENEX AT 600 can protect copper-base metals for many years under ideal conditions. It is a simple immersion process which is added in the final D.M. water rinse and also used to prevent tarnish and inhibits oxidizing after electroless and electrolytic copper plating to preserve the fresh appearance of the components. It also protects copper surface prior to solder coating and will improve the solubility. This process does not affect the electrical/other properties of Copper. It is also used by jewellery, hardware, handicrafts and PCB manufacturers.


SHEENEX RP 107 is a Liquid Additive, which is used to Prevent Rusting while water is evaporating from Iron and Steel following cold and hot rinses. SHEENEX RP 107 solution penetrates into small holes and pores and remove trapped water.



SILVOGUARD 211 is an Anti-Tarnish immersion process for Silver and Silver Plated alloys. The special proprietary additives that are incorporated in this process diffuse on the silver surface by chemisorption forming a protective layer, thereby the active sites are blocked. This physiochemical interaction in turn imparts a resistance property for sulphur and other atmospheric corrosives which retains the original Silver finish for a long time. SILVOGUARD 211 is a non acidic, chromate free and non hazardous process. SILVOGUARD



PCI SHEENTEK Cu 256 is an Anti Tarnish Additive for Copper and its alloys.It is widely used in copper wire drawing process. After the annealing process, the hot Copper wire passes through SHEENTEK Cu 256 bath to give a bright, lustrous finish and preserving thereby the finish achieved. The wire is then rolled and packed.