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  • Gpc 68 % more »
  • GPC is the Potassium salt of pure Gold used for trouble free plating process. Our GPC is manufactured with 99.99 pure 24 carat Gold which is free from impurities as it is four times crystallized.GPC used for plating on Semi conductors, artificial jewellery, PCb's and other defense and ordinance applications.

  • Gold Brush Plating Gel more »
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  • Gildsheen 442 Gold Brightener more »
  • GILDSHEEN 442 gives eye appealing beautiful glazed Gold deposits. It provides aesthetics to the plating by imparting full Bright and leveled Gold deposits. Conc.: 5 10 ml/ltr.

  • Zodiac 404 Gold Conducting Salt more »
  • Is used to increase the conductivity, thus increasing the deposition rate in Gold Baths. Conc.: 20 gms/ltr

  • Gildsheen Mu 445 more »
  • GILDSHEEN MU 445 is the make up additive and buffer for Decorative multi layer Gold Baths.

  • Encosheen Salt more »
  • ENCOSHEEN SALT is the source of addition of Cobalt to form an alloy for the Decorative Gold Baths

  • Zodiac Cs 406 more »
  • ZODIAC CS 406 is the complexing agent to impart lustrous finish in Gold baths.